Below Swim Platform Low Port Exit Jacketed Headers - 454/502 Chevy

Lightning Big Block Chevy Low Port Exit Jacketed Headers 36" Wide

Below Swim Platform Low Port Exit Jacketed System - 454/502 Chevy Low Port Headers 36" Wide

These headers are designed to be a replacement for Mercury, OMC or jet manifolds whenthe exhaust ports are mounted low in the boat. For example, under the swim step or whenelbows are used with the stock manifolds. Headers will have about 1/2" clearance between headerand tall Moroso valve covers. Headers come complete with bolts, gaskets, water fittings, petcocks, 4" elbows for bottom, etc. (less 4" hose and 4" hose clamps). Factory oil filterrequires relocation.

When comparing performance exhaust systems it's good to understand the different systems on the market today and the performance demands of yourengine. Understanding how a header works will help you decide on which exhaust system is best suited for your application.

Headers have two basic functions. First is to simply relieve back pressure. For example, when looking at a manifold you see a 4" diameter exhaust hose, but theactual exhaust gas opening is about 2-1/2" diameter. Most performance manifolds and some header manufacturers use a 4" exhaust hose and 3" or 3-1/2" OD exhaustgas tube. All of these headers use a 4" OD exhaust gas tube and a 5" water jacket tube until the water gets introduced into the exhaust gas stream, then it getsreduced from 5" to its 4" exhaust hose diameter. At no time does the exhaust gases see a diameter smaller than 4" OD. When looking at these exhaust gas openingsconsider their area not their diameter. For example, a 4" OD opening has an area of approximately 12.56 sq. in. A 3-1/2" opening has an area of approximately 9.62 sq. in.That is 25% smaller! A 3" opening is approximately 7.06 sq. in. and a 2-1/2" opening is approximately 4.90 sq. in. which is 60% smaller.

Performance figures on headers vary considerably. As a rule, the higher horsepower engines benefit more than the lower horsepower engines. For example, the 330hp Mercury engine will gain approximately 50 to 75 rpm, where as the 365 hp Mercury engine will gain approximately 300 to 400 rpm (45 hp). Blown engines gain upto 800 rpm (80 hp). Of course this is comparing these headers against stock Mercury center rise manifolds.

Our Magnum header starts with Mandrel bent 316L stainless steel interior tubes. The exterior tubes are Mandrel bent heavy wall steel tube (.074). The tubes arethen mechanically etched by sand blasting and then assembled. Finally, a corrosion resistant silicone ceramic coating is applied to the interior of the header while theexterior receives a powder coat finish.


Through continuing research Lightning Mfg. has developed a Dual Porcelain Coating that resists the harshest of salt water environments. Now as an option theyare able to apply the same high tech coating to a 316L stainless steel lined header once thought to be the cracking alloy and render it crack resistant.

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Black Powder Coat 310-40311
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Silver Powder Coat 310-40211
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Your Price: $2,499.99
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