KE Cupronickel Intercooler Core For The Blower Shop Housing

KE Cupronickel Replacement Intercooler Core For The Blower Shop Intercoolers 

KE Cupronickel Replacement Intercooler Core For The Blower Shop Intercoolers

If you have you had the misfortune of plugging your traditional aluminum fin style intercooler core and melting the center out of it while also filling your engine full of water? Then you realize just how catastrophic intercooler failure can be. Well it’s not a matter of if, but when anintercooler fails. That’s right, more often than not, the leading cause ofintercooler failures is from corrosion or dirt, and debris plugging these units.

Here's why the world upgrades to Cupronickel material its over three times as corrosive resistant to an aluminum core. Not only are the cores superior in corrosion resistance but the thermal properties of Cupronickel aid in reducing air temperature for even better efficiency that can translate into even more horsepower. Next we developed a cupronickel chassis to allow tubes to be run through the heart of the core. These ¼" tubes not only provide additional water flow to scrub off more heat, but they eliminate the clogging associated with first generation fin style coolers. So if your desire in reliability and efficiency and some possible more horsepower this is the solution.

Note: Change from Aluminum to Cupronickel fin tube designs density and increased thermal efficiency may notice 1-2lbs of boost reduction thus requiring a pulley change to retain original boost

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