Whipple BBC Intercooled Kit for 4500 Holley, V-Belt, Standard Deck

Whipple BBC Intercooled Kit for 4500 Holley, V-Belt, Standard Deck 

Carbureted Whipple Supercharger System
Big Block Chevy Intercooled Kit for 4500 Holley, Polished Finish, V-Belt, Standard Deck

Whipple Supercharger systems offer you whether a family cruiser or a high performance powerboat. These kits bolt onto a Whipple blower manifold which utilizes the 2.3L Whipple twin-screw type compressor. Screw compressors are positive displacement superchargers (reach boost instantly, no lag time) that have incredibly high efficiency rates. This equals into unbelievable torque and horsepower numbers with proven OEM reliability. Whipple Chargers are up to 80% efficient while common roots-type superchargers are 40-50% which means temperatures are much lower and they take less horsepower to operate. This results in more power and reliability. Whipple Chargers also give you something no other supercharger can do, maximum power at low RPM’s as well as high RPM’s. This gives your boat the brute power needed to pull larger props during acceleration and the top-end power to achieve more MPH.

Some Exclusive Features:

  • Most efficient supercharger on the market
  • Self-contained lubrication system
  • Incredible acceleration and throttle response
  • Whipple Superchargers designed air-bypass system for
  • Compact design for easy fitment

Standard Kit includes:

  • Supercharger, drive, and intake manifold
  • Pulley, tensioners, idlers, and S/C belt
MSRP: $8,495.00
Your Price: $8,299.99
You Save: 2% off MSRP!

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